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Sound to Picture Audio Samples

Yet another facet of our expertise: Sound to Picture.

  • Cinematic Film Scoring
  • Recording and editing and mixing extremely convincing ADR and foley
  • Creating Sound Effects for animations or text presentations
  • Adding ambience, or putting the sound in the proper perspective according to what's on screen
  • Mastering audio intended for release on DVD
  • 5.1 Surround Sound mixing

We've done it all and we're ready to take your video project to the next level.

Press Play below to launch each video.

More videos available at our Vimeo account.

The Chordials
"The Chain" (Fleetwood Mac Cover)


The Practice of Grateful Living
Brother David Steindl Rast and Jack Kronfield in Conversation

Big East Football
"Pearly Gates"

"A Little Respect"

National Science Foundation
"Ask an Engineer"

Consumer Credit Counseling Service
"Take a Load off Your Mind"

Cornell Department of Veterenary Medicine
"The Animal/Human Bond"

Drazin and Warshaw
"It's a Jungle out There"

Audio Samples