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Musical Artist Samples

One of the cool things about REP is that our engineers are all professionally active musicians. So while all the clips on this page were recorded here, many of them feature Tim, Nate, Chris or Sean as a player as well as an engineer or producer. Some clips are a product of mixing tracks recorded here and elsewhere as well. We've gotten quite used to working seamlessly with our friends at Pyramid Sound(ρ) and Electric Wilburland(ω), and also encourage you to see what we can do with tracks you've recorded at home. It is especially easy to work with ProTools sessions, but we can show you how to save tracks you've created in virtually any format so that they will open easily on our system.


Thousands of One

Sim Redmond Band

Mosaic Foundation
"Long Way Home"


"Walking Into The Sun"

John Brown's Body

The Burns Sisters
"Shaloo Shalom"

Crow Greenspun
"It's No Secret"(ρ)

Somatic Umbra
"Sight Unseen"

Malang Jobateh


Mike Waldrop
"Rhythm Song"

10ft Ganja Plant
"Your Voice"(ρ)

The Atomic Forces
"World Gone Bad"


Gabriel Tavares

Johnny Russo
"Bernie's Cayuga Street Shuffle"

Urban Horsethieves
"This Song Ain't About You"

R&B Hiphop

Fe Nunn feat. Mbusi
"Precious Moments"
dedicated to the memory of Rashaad Richardson



Nothing But Treble
"The Water is Wide"

The Touchtones


Ithaca Community Chorus
"J.S. Bach excerpt"

Liisa Grigorov
"F. Poulenc - Sonata Allegro"

Audio Samples